Discover different paper types for your photo book

Give your photo book a finishing touch with one of our four different paper types.

Photo books with digital printing paper

Your photo book will be printed on elegant glossy or sturdy matt photo paper. On this paper colours are reproduced as naturally as possible.

Glossy real photographic paper

The gloss paper surface makes the pages of the book shine like a printed photo. It is characterised by excellent sharpness and high detail. Colours come across particularly strongly. Glossy photo paper is ideal for technical motifs, landscapes and macro shots.

Matt real photographic paper

The matt paper surface has fewer reflections and light reflexes. It allows the photos to be revealed in a soft and natural way. In addition, the surface finish protects against fingerprints and has a pleasant feel. The matt photographic paper is ideal for portrait shots as the subtle colours make it possible to represent the soft nuances and fine details of skin tones.

Photo books with digital printing paper

The majority of our photo books are produced using the digital printing process. The individual pages are printed on 200gsm paper and feel like book pages. A digital print photo album can contain significantly more pages than a photo book with photographic paper - with us up to 200!

Glossy digital printing paper

The glossy design of the digital print paper receives a special high-gloss coating. This will give your shots even more brilliance and radiant colours. Thanks to the coating, the pages are better protected against dirt and moisture.

Digital printing paper

The digital print paper is the standard paper. Digital print paper is particularly well-suited to photo books that are used frequently.