Wedding photo book ideas

Celebrate your big day. It is the most important day of your life. Create a wedding photo book to remember it by.

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Wedding photo book ideas

Wedding planning and organisation

Finding a date is often the first challenge. Many couples want to get married on a weekend in the summer months, so these dates usually fill up quickly. So ask your registry office and your church as early as possible to clarify the venue. An Internet search can help, but in the end it is always best to visit the restaurant or the festival hall in person. This is the only way to judge whether the venue is suitable and whether, for example, the food tastes good there, what the park situation looks like and whether there are overnight accommodations nearby.

There is no better reason to make a custom photo book

Even before the wedding you can make some considerations that will make it easier for you to design your book later. If you have hired a professional photographer, discuss what you have in mind. So you won't miss any important recordings later. On the other hand, your professional and amateur photographers should also make sure to take some elegant detail shots during the festivities. A photo of the rings on a cushion or the floral table decoration can later be harmoniously combined with formal photographs and portraits - they loosen up the structure of your photo book a little.

The right structure for creating your photo book

For a nice photo album it makes sense to find a structure in advance. A popular way is to arrange the recordings chronologically: from the preparations, through the ceremony, right up to the celebration that follows. Capture every precious memory of this day in beautiful snapshots.
You can also divide your photo book into thematic chapters - that is entirely up to you. To make the actual design easy to use later, select the most beautiful snapshots and portraits and place them in a special folder on your computer. Then you can only upload the images you really want to have in your personal photo book. You will find the desired photos much faster during the design process.

The right structure for creating your photo book

Get creative - Your photo book as a digital scrapbook

Who says you can only include photos in your wedding book? You can also use scanned documents for this special occasion. The elaborate invitations or elaborately designed menu cards are a great addition to the photos of the day. Pressed flowers from the table decoration or special congratulations from your relatives also fit into these collages. Simply bring together versatile materials in such a way the photo book of your wedding becomes the perfect reflection of your day.

Wedding photo book as a gift to witnesses and family

You can design individual wedding photo books not only for yourself. These unique collections of memories are also a wonderful gift. It is best to plan different sizes: a large picture book for the bridal couple or a smaller version for witnesses or guests.

Find the right photo book

Aldi Photos offers you a large selection of different formats, different cover and paper types. For a particularly high-quality result, we recommend that you choose a photo book on real photo paper for your wedding. The exposure of your photos on premium photo paper ensures that your wedding photos appear in the best resolution.
Choose an elegant gloss finish or a matt effect to suit your taste. Our photo books on real photo paper are equipped with a fanfold binding for perfectly flat pages. This ensures that you can view your work of art in full size without any cut-outs disappearing in the middle of the pages. Thanks to this stable binding, you can store up to 98 inner pages in your book. The entire design and ordering process is straightforward via our Aldi Photos ordering software on our website. Your individual wedding book will then be sent directly to your home so that you can relax and wait for a unique photo experience.