How to make stunning home decor with your photos

Unleash your creativity with Aldi Photos. Whether you would like to decorate your living room, bathroom, kitchen or hallway, bedroom or children's room: Your photos upgrade every room. With little crafting skill and patience, you can also conjure up a variety of creative gifts and furnishing ideas from the products. Here are a few suggestions for lovely home personalised home decor.

Impressive glowing wall art

With a high-quality canvas you can create stunning wall art. Use battery powered string lights to make this wall art even more spectacular. Simply tape LED lights into the back of your canvas. This gives the photo canvas an impressive wreath of light that will inspire you and your guests. City images in black and white come to life in the evening if you carefully pierce the windows with a nail and illuminate them from behind.
Either string lights or a lamp is suitable for this.

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Combine painting with your photos

Instead of simply hanging a picture frame on the wall, you can create a wall full of photos!  Use decorative wall tattoos or paint your own image with a fine brush if you are feeling fancy. A photo tree can look particularly beautiful. Place a theme or a favourite quote in the middle of your photos. First, draw the desired lettering carefully with a pencil. Paint a tree with fine branches and leaves on the wall (templates can be easily found on the Internet) and hang your pictures between the "branches". You could also add colourfull frames. Alternatively, you can hang your prints on string lights or decorative wooden trim strips - use the photos as inspiration for yourself and include the entire wall in your design.

Travel maps

Are you a globetrotter? How about a decorative print with a world map on that you can fill with pinboard needles of all your holiday destinations? You can customize the high-quality print and also attach printed photos. Start a family tradition or a competition to hang the best holiday pictures on the "travel pinboard" together after any holiday. The durable material ensures that the board will look great for many years to come.