A work of art for your home!

ALDI canvases are made exclusively of high-quality artists’ canvas, as used in top studios. This material is manufactured especially for canvas prints and provides particularly brilliant colour results. In addition to the exceptional luminosity, our canvases have yet another benefit: the colour is UV-resistant. This means your canvas is always optimally protected from fading.
ALDI canvases are supplied with 8 hardwood wedges that you will find attached to the rear of the frame. Modern canvas stretcher frames can be retensioned easily using these wedges. Hardwood wedges give you the opportunity to compensate for tension changes in the frame – for instance, caused by changes in humidity and temperature. These are, of course, supplied free of charge with your canvas!

  • 8 x12''
  • 12 x 12''
  • 12 x 16''
  • 12 x 32''
  • 16 x 24''
  • 16 x 32''
  • 20 x 28''
  • 24 x 24''
  • 24 x 32''


Photo printing on canvas stretchers – what you need to know!

Please note, when selecting your image, allow for a 1 inch margin around the image for folding along the edge and fastening. When ordering via direct upload and ALDI Photo software, a specially marked area on the edge shows you what is required for folding over the edge and fastening the canvas and will therefore no longer be visible from the front.

Prices & Delivery